Blind Dinner Date – Annual Awards Dinner

The annual Blind Dinner Date fundraiser is one of the club’s main fundraising activities, generating money for our vision-related charities and projects. The format is an awards dinner, with a guest speaker and award recipients chosen from the vision care community. Meetings are generally held monthly during the latter part of the year, and then […]

Calendar Raffle – Annual Fundraiser

Due to Covid the Grand Rapids Lions Club is NOT holding the calendar raffle for 2021.   The Calendar Raffle is an annual fundraiser with the proceeds going to the GR Lions Vision Clinic at Cherry Health.  We sell 500-600 calendars and every day of the year somebody is a winner of a $25 Gift […]

Children’s Holiday Shopping – Annual Event for Disadvantaged Children

In cooperation with Meijer in Cascade, the Grand Rapids Lions help disadvantaged youngsters do some Holiday shopping for their family. There are visually impaired and financially disadvantage children that participate in this event.  The amount of children depends on the money collected. Each child is given a budgeted amount of spending money and are assisted […]

Club Officers / Board of Directors

The Grand Rapids Lions Club Board of Directors meets 12 times every year to set direction for the club and take care of club business. Meeting minutes are published in this area of the site for member review. The Organizational Chart: (click the following link):  2021-22 Officers Chairman of the Board – Benjamin Eavey […]

District/LCI Special Projects

This committee handles organizing our local club’s participation in district and international special projects, and also the communication with club members about such projects. Any further comments or questions can be directed to: Dr. Gary Anderson,

Drive For Vision – Annual Golf Outing

Drive for Vision is an annual charity golf outing! It is a collaboration between the Grand Rapids Lions Club and Grand Rapids Ophthalmology. Funds raised from this event provide needed vision care in our community. Generous support has aided many thousands of people in our community challenged by vision loss. And yet, the need keeps […]

Eyeglass Recycling / Eyeglass Missions

EYEGLASS RECYCLING CENTER: Grand Rapids Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center operations have been limited. With the rising number of positive cases of Covid -19 in West Michigan, the risk of virus exposure by working as a group in our warehouse is too great. A skeleton crew of GR Lions continue to work in isolated conditions to maintain inventory control until we can safely resume normal […]

Holiday Raffle – Annual Members Fundraiser

The last luncheon meeting in December there is not a guest speaker but a special meeting  is held where members can buy raffle tickets to win donated prizes and raise funds for the club’s administrative costs.

Marketing & Communication

The Marketing & Communication committee handles all publicity for the club and the projection of the club’s image and mission throughout our community.


The Membership committee helps with recruiting new members and guides them through the process of becoming a Grand Rapids Lion.


The Programs committee organizes and recruits luncheon speakers and helps with other event planning.   If you are interested in being a future free luncheon speaker, contact Mark Oberlin:


The Social committee arranges networking events and other get-togethers for club members.

Student Recognition Awards

In May of each year, the Grand Rapids Lions provide a recognition award to two high school students from each of the five GR public high schools, the two Catholic high schools, the Christian high school and East Grand Rapids High School. The award recipients are selected by their respective principal and their guidance counselors. […]


The Technology committee handles the tech concerns of the club. Maintaining the web site, purchasing projectors or other necessary equipment, and advising the club on technology trends are some of our responsibilities. Most of our work is done through email, and there are rarely in-person meetings unless there’s a large project going on. The revamping […]

VI Sports Day – Annual Event for Visually Impaired Children

In support of, and with grants from, the Children’s Miracle Network and DeVos Children’s Hospital, Grand Rapids Lions help visually impaired youngsters have an active day of sports activity.  Everyone wins a medal and dozens of visually impaired kids, from around the state of Michigan, smile which warms the hearts of everyone involved. This event […]

White Cane Drive – Annual Fundraiser

Each year, Grand Rapids Lions, optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists, and teachers for the visually impaired volunteer their time to collect donations from passers-by at designated locations throughout the community. Thousands of dollars are contributed annually by the generous people of the greater Grand Rapids area. Proceeds are used to fund programs for visually and neuro-visually impaired […]