Membership Listing

Our membership includes men and women from many walks of life including business leaders, civic leaders, lawyers, judges, physicians, and a variety of other fields including a congressman from Grand Rapids who went on to become the 38th President of the United States. Each of these individuals is distinguished not only in their profession, but also in their selfless commitment to the betterment of our community. The list below names our current members.

Name Title
Name Title
Jeaune Allard Principal
Stephanie Anderson
Joe Annoreno
James Baird Blind Rehabilitation Specialist
Anne Baird Teacher Consultant for the Visually Imparied; Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Wayne Beuschel
Scott Brady President/ CEO
Jason Brown Manager/Producer
Dr. Adam Carlson Optometrist
Christian Celentino Financial Advisor
Anna Clifford Foundation Director
Daniel Crane
Keith Crittenden
Lynn Dandridge
Thomas Dandridge Professor
Jeffrey Dodson CEO/Owner
Patrick Droste M.D.
Benjamin Eavey Director of Professional Services
Sherah Eavey Optometrist
Scott Embree Wealth Advisor
Shawn Eyestone Estate Planning and Business Attorney
Bill Fleetham Retired
Lynn Francis
Kim Gary Partner - Retired
Boyd Griswold Owner
Randall Hamstra Vice President
Matt Hulswit
Shelley Irwin Host, Morning Show
Donald Jakel Retired (as Business Manager)
Harry Jones
James Junod Vice President/Financial Advisor
Gail Junod
James Kaiser Retired
Jana Kim Orientation & Mobility Specialist
David Klein
Edward Kleinfeld
Jeffrey Kraai CPA
Jean Kraai
Robert Lalley, Jr Attorney
Renee Mika Director of Vision Services
Colleen Mulder Marketing Director
Stephen Mulder
Patrick Mullen Owner
Michael Murphy Vice President / General Manager
Thomas Murphy C.P.A.
Richard Nelson Retired
Craig Nobbelin Regional Health Care Planner-Retired
Kathy O'Bee School Teacher-Retired
Patrick O'Hare Senior VP, Chief Information Officer
Kathy Oberlin
Mark Oberlin Senior VP, Investments
Arthur Palmer
Thaddeus Phelps President
John Rice Realtor | Associate Broker
Michael Smallegan
Jacqueline Smart-Parrish Realtor
Ryan Smith Financial Consultant
Robert Snyders Retired
Brent Spoelstra Ophthalmic Technician - Retired
Richard Stevens Executive Director
Paul Sullivan Judge
Edwin Thauer, Jr President/CEO
Kyle Travis Vice President - Investments
Dr. Mary Beth Tupper Physician
Pam Van Overloop
Richard Walker
Raymond Weidenfeller Managing Director
Drew Wessell
Robert White Manager
Robert Winchester
Johngerlyn Young Philanthropic Services Director
Bob Younger Retired
Linda Zizos Development Director
Anthony Zoellner
Zoellner Ann Principal